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Girl Guide to Bali Mister Ziimi Satu

Mister Ziimi Satu

Jalan Kayu Aya No. 22, Seminyak, Bali
+61 3 9576 2645

Mister Zimi is a different kind of fashion label, committed to bringing quality design and a personal experience to the online marketplace. On a 2007 trip to Bali with her husband Jimi, Zoe Paul spent her days idly sketching leather jacket designs on the beach which were then provided to a local tailor. 5 days, 2 suntans and far too many cocktails later, a parcel arrived at their villa. Labeled ‘Mister Zimi’, the parcel contained a perfectly crafted, hand made leather jacket. The jacket became Zoë’s wardrobe’s best friend. On her return to Australia, friends and family frequently commented on the soft leather and perfect fit of her design, and began to put in orders for her next Balinese sojourns. Soon Zoe was returning with suitcases full not only of jackets, but bikinis, bags and purses. As customers turned from friends, to friends of friends, to random passers-by, the couple decided it was time to get a bigger suitcase. And so Mister Zimi the label was born. In 2010 the Paul’s relocated to Bali to focus full time on the label, and at the airport were welcomed with open arms as Mister Zimi, the charming fusion of their names which was to become their permanent Balinese moniker. Zoe feels the move was essential to the personal experience Mister Zimi advocates, as she can ensure the best possible quality for each item. Mister Zimi specialises in unique and beautiful handmade products from the finest quality leather and fabric at reasonable prices for a made to order business. Each garment is created individually, catering to women’s individual needs, look and body type. The bespoke experience allows the customer to choose their fabric and each piece is made to fit, guaranteeing a one of a kind garment every time. Featuring an extensive range of clothes and accessories suitable for the city, country or the seashore, Mister Zimi fuses modern Australian design with a distinct Balinese influence and delicate tailoring. In addition to the jackets that started it all, the collection now includes cute summer & winter dresses, boots, ballet flats, flowing tops, oversized tees, leather bags, silk scarves, boho sandals and sexy bikinis, all inspired by the late 60s and early 70s era. All items are wallet friendly with prices ranging from $35 to $300. Paul says ‘It has been a very personal experience, creating my business/collection, because it started out with me really thinking about what I would want to wear, and couldn’t find elsewhere, and the response was so positive that I couldn’t help but think other women were looking for a certain type of look that they hadn’t been able to find, either. Currently, all products are available to order online via the Mister Zimi website (http://www.misterzimi.com), but when back home in Melbourne, Paul additionally holds ordering days, allowing customers to try before they buy. In December 2010 the first Mister Zimi boutique opened in Seminyak, Bali. Through the power of word of mouth and complete customer satisfaction, the collection is constantly expanding, and Paul has successfully turned her holiday hobby into a unique design workshop.

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