Ubud Sari Health Resort

Ubud Sari Health Resort, where people enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual life through the resources and skills of a highly trained staff in a quiet, beautiful and peaceful setting, health and well-being are our ongoing goals.

In pursuit of these goals, we take a wholistic approach towards integrating and promoting each of the following vital components in the lives of our guests.

By providing appropriate holistic health care and stress reducing activities in such a healthful and spiritual setting we make available to you the finest opportunity to achieve your full potential.

Visit our Spa and Beauty Salon packages or our Health Programs as shown below:

Ubud Sari Detox and Cleansing Programs:
– Healing Week in Bali Program
– Body, Mind Spirit Rejuvenation Program
– The Special Tissue Cleansing Program
– The Total Tissue Cleansing Program
– Other Packages

Raw Health Programs (Non Regular Programs, please contact us about program availability):
– One Day Raw Food and Beauty Introduction
– 3 Day Raw Food and Beauty Intensive
– Raw Health Rejuvenation Week
– Two Week Total Revitalization Retreat

Spa and Beauty Salon:
– The Spa
– The Health Terapeutic Treatments
– The Salon de’Elegance


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