Taking the Time to “Do You.”

I’ve spent a hell of a lot of energy in this lifetime learning what it means to live in the moment- to find the beauty and the happiness in the ‘now’. This journey has lead me to a foreign country; to meeting and talking to people from all over the world, and beautifully aligning with my partner in crime (from a different country), who shares a similar inspiration in wanting to help others connect with what authentically brings them happiness and joy.

Life will bestow you with what you envision it to be- and the only way to really get to the real “you” is not through seeking external means, but in questioning the deeper parts of yourself- the parts that may seem dark or scary in the moment; but once confronted, you see that they are merely shadows holding you back from your own light and self-empowerment. (Always trust intuition over the mind.)

Living in Bali has graced me with the freedom to “let go”; to “go with the flow”, and to become clear on who I authentically am.

The journey is never outside ourselves- but within. Once we have the courage to face that, in both the lightness and the darkness, our possibilities are limitless.

Be kind to yourself and know that everyone is on the same path, at their own pace and in their own timing.

You have the potential to create magic, but only if you believe it to be true…

So, start checking in with “you”- what makes your heart come alive – what makes you “you”.

We are all in this classroom together, and it is quite incredible when we as “students” take the time to do the work on ourselves, so that we may receive the freedom and joy that we’re all meant and entitled to experience.

Here’s to all of us finding our own light, and allowing it to shine!!

Much love, happiness, and joy,

Michelle x

uluwatu bali

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