Skin Spa and Organic Waxing Salon

Skin consider our customers’ desires and budgets, and our areas of expertise, and then bring together spa locations that are well-equipped, comfortable, and well-maintained; ingredients and products that are of as high a quality as possible, and as natural as possible; and talented, warm-hearted staff that are carefully-trained and supervised.

Our attention-to-detail in these goals is how we have come to stand out in Ubud’s crowded spa market.

Why try SKIN? At SKIN we give you much more –

Here, you will enjoy a foot bath of exotic flowers, soothing ginger tea made with cinnamon, cloves and honey, and nourishing, relaxing treatments unlike those found anywhere else in Bali.

We select and blend our massage oils and other products to nourish your skin and relax your body. We use only the purest essential oils.
Skin Sanggingan flowerbath heart
Our sheets and towels are clean, and the equipment is sterilized.

Our therapists are well-trained to give a range of relaxing, skin-nourishing, anti-aging, natural, high-end body treatments, all performed the way you want — from the heart.

We make it easy and convenient for you to look and feel your best, the natural way.
Skin Sanggingan therapists
At SKIN, it’s always genuine quality, traditionally-inspired — at reasonable prices. Unique in Bali!

We are proud to be Ubud’s authentic skin spa & organic waxing salon.

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