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Seminyak Girl Guide to Bali holiday travel

Seminyak Girl Guide to Bali Holiday

When we arrived in Seminyak, we had no idea where we were going to stay (much to our moms’ chagrin.) We contacted hotels and spas 2 days prior to leaving, and were planning on grabbing a cheap hotel room somewhere at the last minute.

In an incredible turn of events, emails began flowing in on the day we arrived, and we were fortunate enough to have our Girl Guide to Bali “launch” at one of our top choices, staying in a gorgeous 1 bedroom villa at the Royal Seminyak Beach Resort.

What we loved about our stay there, aside from how gracious, accommodating, and friendly the staff was; was that every detail was thought out- from healthy food options, to a wide array of bathroom amenities, comfortable robes, and herbal teas.

It is a perfect hotel for the modern woman and ultimate girl holiday experience- so much so, that we opted to have a girly night in, order room service and champagne, sit in our robes all evening and unwind. Jeffrey, one of the 24-hour on-call butlers, and kindest, most gentle men we met on our stay there, brought us dessert, and we capped off the night by jumping into a beautiful, plush white bed… a perfect girl’s night in for our ‘Bali Holiday Experience.”

The following morning we chose from a wide array of food at the breakfast buffet in which no expense was spared, laid out at the pool in our private villa, and then headed out to enjoy a girly spa day in Seminyak, Bali.

Think Pink Nails was incredibly generous, showering us with champagne, as we had a manicure and pedicure. This place is top notch if you’re in the Seminyak area, as not only has the owner set the tone with all of the girly details and on point service, but they have the biggest selection of nail polish we’ve ever seen. The owner herself is the epitome of an empowered woman, taking the leap from NYC and opening up this store a few years ago. We felt fortunate to connect with her and hear her story of how this awesome place came to be.

Afterwards, we headed to  Body Temple Spa in Seminyak where we were completely pampered.  Natalie had the experience of aTHÉMAÉ HYDRATION STRATEGY. This delicate facial treatment is the perfect escape for tired, dull skin. Gentle cleansing and exfoliating of the skin preludes a relaxing mask and shiatsu massage with Japanese Ridoki. She went to sleep that night with glowing skin and woke up with a relaxed tone to her complexion. Michelle enjoyed the THÉMAÉ ORIENTAL MASSAGE- an incredibly calming and balancing treatment. Truly showed us a wonderful afternoon of self-pampering and rejuvenation in the ultimate spa environment.

We feel humbled and grateful to have been gifted with such a wonderful launch for our brand. Being a girl means being able to run the whole gamut- with hard work comes the necessity to treat yourself and give yourself the same sort of internal and external pampering we can easily put off or not feel worthy of.

So, to all our girls out there, if you have the opportunity- check out these phenomenal places. You won’t be sorry. (and we are sticking to our original message about striving to give you authentic and honest feedback in all of our experiences.)



Michelle & Natalie


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