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Weather and Seasons in Bali

weather in bali

Weather Expect pleasant temperatures between 20 to 33 degrees celsius all year round in Bali. December – March: (wet season) Also referred to as monsoon season in Bali, and brings heavy rain showers and high humidity, but the days are usually sunny. The rain tends be at night and not stay around for very long. […] Read more…

Religion in Bali

ceremony in ubud, bali

Religion in Bali Unlike most of the Muslim-majority in Indonesia, about 93.18% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia. Minority religions include Islam (4.79%), Christianity (1.38%), and Buddhism (0.64%). These statistical figures do not include immigrants from […] Read more…

Travel Insurance for Bali

tips for travel insurance for bali holiday

Travel Insurance for Bali Please make sure you are covered by travel insurance before leaving for Bali. Medical emergencies can be very expensive. Motor bike accidents in Bali are common – it is recommended you take out full medical insurance to cover this and in order to be legal, you must have an international license. Read more…

Electricity, WIFI, and Newspapers in Bali

wifi and electricity in bali

Electricity 220v AC. 50Hz – You will need a European two round pin plug for Bali. You can pick up cheap converters at your local Bintang (supermarket) if you forget to bring one with you. WIFI / Internet Hotels, cafes, and restaurants in Bali generally have free WIFI. Simply ask if they have WIFI and […] Read more…

Cell Phones in Bali

cell phone service bali

Cell Phones in Bali CELL PHONE / DATA USAGE Make sure your phone has global roaming activated. Don’t forget to turn your data roaming off, or you may come back to a very large bill. Look into options for a prepaid cell phone data package prior to departure, or purchase a local SIM card in […] Read more…

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