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Lisa Ball Yoga in Bali | Girl Guide to Bali

Lisa Ball Yoga in Bali

Lisa Ball from Melbourne, Australia first discovered yoga while at university studying a law degree. Instantly she felt something spark deep inside that she had never felt before.

“I’ve come to learn that this spark was the beginning of connecting to my heart’s calling, moving to Bali to explore Yoga.”

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“Life is precious. I knew that I didn’t want to wake up and be 40 or 50 and think ‘I wish I’d had the courage to live the life of my dreams.’ Today is the day.”

Instagram: @lisajulie_ball

Once I graduated I started working full time as a lawyer and also continuing to deepen my yoga practice. I began spending time in Bali studying with some of my yoga teachers. Deep down in my heart I knew being a lawyer was not for me but I was scared to make a change. What else would I do? What if I fail?

Eventually the pain of living a life that was not authentic became too great, and on the eve of my 30th birthday, after four years of legal practice, I finally found the courage to quit my job to pursue my passion for the deeply transformational path of yoga.

Soon after I came to Bali to finish my yoga teacher training and never left. I’ve been on this sacred island for almost 2 years, teaching yoga and leading retreats.

What inspires you about Bali?

What inspires me most about Bali is the abundant natural beauty of the island. Lush green rice fields, sacred cleansing waterfalls, powerful volcanoes, breathtaking mountains. I’m also deeply inspired by the soft, feminine energy that is so palpable here. It has helped me connect to my own softness and femininity, which coming from the masculine, corporate world I needed!

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How may times have you been to Bali?

Been several times but it was on retreat in 2012 while still working as a lawyer that I knew I was being called back on a more permanent basis. Been here almost 2 years. Next year I will divide my time between Melbourne and Bali.

In terms of tips for living here I would say before you make a move spend time on an extended holiday to really get to know the island. Coming here on holidays is very different to living here! Although this is a magical place, there is another side to life here. Like everything in life, there is dark and light, night and day. Take time to understand the totality of Bali.

How would you describe the Balinese Culture?

Culture and lifestyle is deeply devotional and on any given day there is ceremony taking place, offering gratitude for an aspect of daily life. There’s even a ceremony to bless the cars and motorbikes! I think this is a beautiful way to live and is a practice I try to incorporate in my life. The pace of life is slow! As an ex lawyer it’s been a much needed lesson for me to slow down and trust that everything will happen in the right time.

Where do you stay in Bali? Which Area?

Live in uluwatu but spend a lot of time in Ubud. That way I get the best of beach vibes and gorgeous rice fields and yoga!

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Favourite Places in Bali

Places to eat in uluwatu- breakfast at the Temple Lodge in Bingin is a must! Yummy food and incredible ocean views. Also the cashew tree in Bingin in one of my favourites- love everything on the menu!

Ubud- I have a mild addiction to the raw chocolate pie at clear cafe. Also the chocolate and sweet potato pie at dayus warung

Where do you relax and retreat in Bali?

Gilli air is my favourite hideaway. The energy is so calm and peaceful, the water crystal blue and the sand pure white. It recharges me like no other place.

Yoga and Meditation Recommendations

I’ll be teaching next year at the beautiful Seventh Seal Retreat in Seminyak. Check out the website for more information http://www.seventhsealretreat.com

Daily yoga, meditation, delicious organic food or detox option and plenty of time to explore the rich beauty of Bali.

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