Google Maps in Bali

Google Maps in Bali

Forget google maps Bali! If you wish to try this and it works for you, then that’s fantastic. As the internet connections are unpredictable and can drop in and out, it is not advised or to be relied on when you are cruising around the magical island of Bali. However, you can usually find a cafe or restaurant in Bali with free wifi if you need to stop and connect.

A personal example of Google Maps in Bali

I thought I was going to ride by bike down to Seminyak in Bali from Ubud one morning for a lunch I had been invited to. I ended up on the other side of the island. What should have taken me 1 hour ended up taking me 2.5 hours. I did ask for directions along the way, and people were just smiling and pointing in any direction. As you get further out of the main tourist areas in Bali, you will find the communication between yourself and the Indonesian people becoming less and less effective.

TIP: for trips further than 15 minutes away – get a driver.

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