DVD Shopping in Bali

DVD Shopping Bali

You can find DVD Shopping Bali to be quite addictive when you first arrive in Bali and recognise all the DVD’s you can buy for around $1 Australian. The first time I came to Bali we spent a lot of time buying lots of DVD’s. I think we came home with a ridiculous amount of DVD’s. This was many years ago.

When you go DVD Shopping in Bali you will find DVD shops on most streets all around Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. The quality of the DVD’s you can buy generally are pretty good, and the people who work in the stores are generally quite honest in regards to whether the DVD you want to purchase is going to be a good quality DVD or not. So you can simply ask them if the quality is good of the DVD that you would like.

Don’t be surprised if you walk out with more DVD’s than expected. Most DVD Shop’s in Bali have an offer if you buy 5 or so DVD’s you will get 1 or 2 for free. So for me, I am always left in the store buying more DVD’s and finding it hard to choose.

Shopping in Bali

When you go shopping in the markets you will have seller’s coming up to you and trying to sell and barter with you. You can simply walk past and respond with a simple, No. Or in Indonesian, you can say Tidak! (this means No!)

If you are interested in purchasing something then you should know that bargaining is part of the culture here in Bali when shopping. They will always start with a higher price and you can always negotiate them down to a price you feel you would like to pay. Remember to have fun with this.

You can not bargain or haggle the price down for businesses that are stores with price tags, cafes and restaurants and shops in Bali like Supermarkets.

Take safety precautions when carrying you bag and belongings around in Bali. You should take with you the money you plan on spending for the day. Be clear and firm with hawkers, more so in areas such as Legian and if you will head to somewhere like Kuta, in which this is far more extreme.


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