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#girlguidetobali – AN ONLINE GIRL GUIDE TO BALI – Created to inspire and empower others to experience themselves in the magical island of Bali through online community sharing.

  • All questions are optional and provided as a guide – whatever you feel inspired to contribute is all that we want
  • Share images you love of Bali that you have personally taken with or without you in them.
  • Chosen posts will be featured on Girl Guide to Bali and shared via social media sharing as a blog post.

socialbannerWe created Real Girl Bali Blog Sharing to create an opportunity to inspire and connect smart, creative, beautiful girls and their confidence and in being free and adventurous, girls who like to keep busy, travel and explore, and everything in between.

Our inspiration was to reflect impressively unique individuals in Bali in a real life way through the eyes of an every day girl to give you a greater insight into the island.
• Inspire others to travel, explore and experience
• To promote confidence for others to explore their dreams
• To share a lifestyle that we love with others
• Share the overall experience of Bali lifestyle and living through the people, events and happenings

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