Bali Silent Retreat Ubud

A Balinese family, with 4 hectares at the base of the mountain, and vision to protect the land for future generations appeared on scene. . . and a partnership for 100 years was forged. People continue to show up with skills for this or that: construction experts, permaculture maniacs, yoga gurus, whole, raw  & ethnic chefs, and many worker-bees; Western, Balinese and Javanese. We continue to . . . .

  • stumble forward with trust that the right people and events arrive at the right time and place
  • keep our hearts open to new ideas and loving philosophy
  • embrace Truth
  • experiment, brain-storm and support creative process
  • support an environment for maximum human potential
  • feel passionate about having 100 persons in prayer and meditation
  • meditate and pray daily and listen to Divine Source.

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