Safety in Bali

Safety in Bali

It is important to consider safety in Bali and when you do this Bali is not a dangerous place, in fact it is quite the opposite, but there will always be the odd person (and probably not even a Balinese), that will trap the unwary which can leave a bad taste in your mouth! So, just be sensible, utilise your street smarts and you should be fine in Bali 

Travel Tips and Safety in Bali

Be respectful of the Balinese spiritual practices, and do not step or stand on the offering that the Balinese leave on the floors around Bali.

If you see an exchange rate from a Money Exchange in Bali that looks too good to be true, then it may be just that. Stick to an accredited money exchange and ATM machines in Bali.

Avoid wasting money by using internet, making phone calls through the hotels you are staying in. You will find it much more cheaper to get these things outside the hotel at a cheaper price.

The roads in Bali can be chaotic. Always respect other drivers, be patient and if you are not confident on the roads do not get on a scooter and think Bali is a safe place to learn.

Take a small medical kit. They do have doctors, pharmacies and hospitals here, but it is always smart to come prepared.

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