ATM and Money Exchange in Bali

ATM and Money Exchange in Bali

When considering ATM and Money Exchange in Bali the Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency, also known as Rp followed by the amount. Coins come in denominations of Rp. 100, 500 and 1,000. Bills/Notes come in denominations of Rp. 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000.

Our suggestion is to carry around a handful of Rp. 10,000 to Rp.100,000 notes for daily expenses when traveling in Bali. You can also carry around a major credit card for purchases in restaurants and stores for larger priced purchases.

NOTE: Hotels, tourist attractions, tour companies also list their prices in US dollars so consider this when you are using ATM and money exchange in Bali.

Changing Money in Bali

Foreign currency, whether in banknotes or traveler’s checks, should be exchanged in major banks and/or authorized money changers in Bali. Exchange rates offered by money changers are generally better than by the banks. They stay open longer and transactions are faster. You can see online or on the boards how many Rupiah you will get for your dollar.

For example, an Australian as well as a US Dollar is roughly (as exchange rates change) $1 AUS/ $1 USD for Rp. 10,000, so this is what we both use as a guide when using ATM and money exchange in Bali.

TIP – MAKE A LITTLE NOTE CARD AND WRITE UP the rates and keep it in your wallet.

(Please note this is a rough guide – please check for yourself as previously mentioned. Below is an example of how the Australian dollar translates.)

Rp.10,000 = AUS $1

Rp.20,000 = AUS $2

Rp.50,000 = AUS $5

Rp. 100,000 = AUS$10

We would advise you to always ask if there is any commission fee before using a ATM and money exchange in Bali.

Count the money you receive carefully and never ever hand it back to the money changer after you have counted it.

Credit Card in Bali

Most shops accept credit cards and charge a credit card usage fee of approximately 2-3 percent, which will be added to your bill. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by most places – American Express is less accepted. The amount you pay for on your final bill is charged in Rupiah. The money will then be converted by your bank to your own currency. So again, when checking use the rate comparison.

ATM – Automatic Teller Machines in Bali

You will find these around the island, mostly at major tourist centers, shopping centers, and where banks and supermarkets are located. Most ATMS are connected to your banking provider so that you will be able to draw money out.

Our suggestion is when you find an ATM that you are comfortable with and know the total amount it lets you take out, keep using the same one. Also know that you choose if you would like to screen to display your transaction details in Indonesian or English at the beginning of the transaction. You will then choose the amount to take out in Rupiah. Most machines have set amounts to choose and the most you can take out at one time is around Rp, 3,000,0000, which is around $300 Australian dollars. If you want more than this you do another transaction. Keep in mind bank fees and charges apply.

TIP: always check you have removed your card and money before leaving the ATM and money exchange in Bali. This is a good time to have OCD. 🙂

Now you have your ATM and money exchange sorted, you can go shopping in Bali.

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