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Ash Good Being in Bali | Girl Guide to Bali

Ash Good Being in Bali

Ash Good is a beauty from the Sunshine Coast in Australia shares her love of Bali with Girl Guide to Bali. She is worth following on instagram and facebook for healthy lifestyle inspiration, tips and things to do.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodbeingyou

Instagram: ashgoodbeing

“I have been coming to Bali for the last couple of years – it ticks all the boxes for me – great people, some amazing beaches, relaxing, so much fun, incredible and healthy food in abundance, and its so soulful and beautiful. We always have a great time and love visiting friends who live there.”

ash good being bali 2

What inspires you about Bali?







Ocean and infinity pools

How may times have you been to Bali?

I have been to Bali 6 times; I first visited with a girlfriend about 5 years ago. My husband and I came over to attend an incredible wedding 2 years ago and now we aim for twice a year. We love the place.

ash good being bali 3

How would you describe the Balinese Culture?

Bali is an incredibly soulful and spiritual place. It’s also the place of the most breathtaking sunsets!

Where do you stay in Bali? Which Area?

We usually stay in a villa in Seminyak – we have stayed in lots of different ones. Next time we are going to give Canguu a go, love the vibe there, the cafes, and my husband loves the surf.

Favourite Places in Bali

Oh where to start! The food in Bali is something I LOVE. So many great places, organic and fresh food, and so cheap.

Petitinget – for breakfast or cocktails and dinner

Watercress – food is delicious!

Corner House – cocktails

Zucchini – great salads

Revolver – awesome place for brekky or coffee

Old Man’s – best place to hang out and relax – in Canggu

Betelnut in Canguu is great for brekky

Metis for dinner is beautiful

Sarong – lovely for dinner

La Lucciola is gorgeous for breakfast and lunch

Potato Head for a relaxing day by or in the pool, cocktails and the food is great too

Dinner at Bvlgari – it was spectacular – make sure you arrive before sunset

Rock Bar – hard to beat for sunset cocktails

I could go on forever!

Where do you relax and retreat in Bali?

So much relaxation in our retreat, and also get massage at Body Works or the Massage across from Grocer and Grind in Seminyak

ash good being bali 1

How do you get around in Bali – transport (scooter, walk, taxi, driver)

Scooters, easy to weave in and out of traffic and so much fun!

Shopping and Markets

I usually shop in Seminyak – can’t go past Magali Pascal and always come home with several things from her shops.

Yoga and Meditation

I haven’t done any retreats yet – but hope to get to Ubud for one next trip.

Bali Travel Tips

Definitely go over there with a list of recommended places to visit. Have fun and soak up the beautiful energy that Bali has an abundance of.

ash good being bali food

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