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Inspiration | Girl Guide to Bali


Our inspiration behind the Girl Guide is to highlight impressively unique individuals in Bali in an authentic way, through the eyes of an every day girl, giving you greater insight into the island.

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• Inspire others to travel, explore, and experience.
• To promote confidence for others to go after their dreams.
• To share a lifestyle that we love with others.
• Share the overall experience of the Bali lifestyle through the people, events, and happenings.

We encourage you to experience the magic of Bali and to give you the confidence to get away on your own- for singles, with friends or family, or in a group environment.

We created Real Girl Bali Blog sharing to create an opportunity to inspire and connect smart, creative, beautiful girls and their confidence and in being free and adventurous; girls who like to keep busy, travel and explore, and everything in between.

Come experience Bali to de-stress, unwind, nurture self love, self exploration- get a tan, fall in love, recharge, and create your own adventure with offers that cater to every type of budget.

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