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About the founders of Girl Guide to Bali

Two girls, Natalie Lacy, who owned a beauty salon in Melbourne, Australia, and Michelle Pierce, an actress currently recurring on the hit American show, “NCIS” in Los Angeles, California, both felt compelled to buy a one way ticket to Bali in search of something deeper.

We met in passing one day at a café in Ubud, hit it off, and decided to travel around Bali together, showcasing everything that this beautiful island has to offer. On a deeper level, we hope inspire women to follow their dreams, let go of the fear to ‘jump into the unknown,’ and to cultivate that ‘knowing’ that when you do take a leap of faith, incredible things happen.

We’ve since had the fortune of venturing all over Bali, exploring everything from its deeply spiritual side, to action and adventure sports; staying in luxury villas, as well as great economical value hotels and quaint accommodations. We’ve tested out a wide range of spas, met and interviewed people from all over the world, luxuriated on the vast array of beaches and collectively come up with our favorite go-to places and travel tips for everyone looking to come to this magical island.

We’ve been having blast to say the least, and we want to empower you to know that you can create the trip of your dreams here in Bali, and hopefully our site will help you streamline your own unique adventure that awaits you.

Much love,

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Girl Guide to Bali Founders Natalie Lacy and Michelle Pierce


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